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Please note reports can vary depending on the device and original carrier.

Result example:

Serial Number:   FCGT25ZWHFxx
Initial Activation Policy ID:  4000
Activation Policy Description:  US Reseller Flex Policy
IMEI:  355373087399xxx
Applied Activation Policy ID:  2303
Part Description:  iPhone 7 Plus
Applied Activation Policy Description:  Multi-Mode Unlock

CSN/CSN2/EID:  8904903200400888260000529745XXX
Product Version:  10.0.1
Next Tether Policy ID:  2303
Last Restore Date:  
Next Tether Activation Policy Description:  Multi-Mode Unlock
Bluetooth MAC Address:  
First Unbrick Date:  03/11/17
Last Unbrick Date:  
Unbricked:  Unlocked:  true
Unlock Date:  03/15/17